Dawson Farms

Our Vision

We will lead the industry by combining the wisdom of old with modern technologies to efficiently reduce risks and increase productivity using a balanced, diversified, and progressive approach to production and marketing.

Our Values:

We want to THANK each and everyone that made this years Harvest possible

we look forward to working with you years to come!

-Dawson Farms Management

Hope everyone has a great and safe Winter!!


A Legacy of Land & Cattle Management

Integrity: A farm where employees and customers are treated fairly, and honesty is held to the utmost importance.

Teamwork: The farm and employees work together to achieve goals that neither one could accomplish on their own.

We use well trained and motivated leaders to grow and expand to new areas of farm and ranch production.

Knowledge: Stay on the leading edge of technology, continue to educate employees in all aspects of the farm and ranch industry.

Experience: Cross train each employee on the farm to be able to do any job  that the farm has available and grow to higher positions in the company.

Our Mission

We are a successful farm and ranch operation committed to sustaining an environmentally sound land management system, operating a safe and efficient work environment; and producing a diversified group of top quality commodities which include potatoes, legumes, grains, feeder crops, hay, and beef.

Welcome to Dawson Farms!

Our farm was established in 1996 as a potato farm.  Over the past 20 years, our acreage has grown to allow us to rotate our acres of potatoes with other rotation crops planted on a 3-4 year rotation.  We have recently diversified even more with the addition of commercial cattle under irrigated forage pivots used for grazing and for a variety of hay crops.  The goal behind adding cattle to our farm is to better manage the health of the soil while producing top quality beef.  

We specialize in a variety of russet potatoes; specifically Burbank, Ranger, and Umatilla varieties.  Our rotation crops consist of a variety of soil enriching commodity crops such as peas, beans, and irrigated grazing crops (seed mixture of peas, oats, radishes, millet, and other high intensity grazing plants).  Additionally, when the market demands, we will grow several pivots of wheat, corn and soy beans.  The straw from our wheat and oat fields is then baled for use in our cattle barns and calving areas.

​Whether you are a college student, accountant, rancher, agronomist, ag-business major, mechanic, or experienced farm equipment operator, Dawson Farms is a great place to work in the farm and cattle industries.  At Dawson Farms, you can pursue a simple internship or a lifelong career working with us as we continually work to be progressive and utilize the best (not always the newest) technologies to yield quality products with efficient time management and excellent maintenance of our equipment.